Often regarded as a secondary interference phenomenon, static electricity may nevertheless cause serious accidents.

It is created spontaneously during manufacturing or handling operations. Static electricity builds up on the surface of materials until it reaches significant levels.

An operator passing nearby will then be transformed into a lightning conductor through which the electrostatic charge flows.




The new ECOBLOWER capacitive device is a robust and extremely compact system for eliminating electrostatic charges remotely. Designed from a solid lacquered sheet steel casing, it has a tangential fan leading to a blowing nozzle. This nozzle incorporates 2 to 3 powerful capacitive effect ionising bars. Its installation on-site is made easy thanks to its swivelling mounting bracket.
The combination of 2 or 3 capacitive ionising elements causes powerful and effective ionic release. In addition, the addition of an integrated tangential fan creates homogenous ionic diffusion that eliminates electrostatic charges on products at distances of from 1 to 3 metres. Blowing power is optimized by a resistance.